Snake Energy

I appreciate snake energy and all snake has to teach, but I don’t go looking for them. I haven’t seen a snake in nearly a year. When we first moved to Florida,  I saw them often.

Yesterday, I did not see snake, but rather, where snake had been. Marks were made in the dirt road, tracks from two snakes.

Snake is about transformation, shedding the old skin, the old coat and growing into a new one. There is someone in my life preparing to transition. She’s had a long, well-lived life. Her leaving is not going to be a sudden one. Already she has had a long shedding of her material things, the loss of people she’s adored, the loss of her speech, her balance, her energy. 

The message to me from snake is that we all leave our marks, and for this beloved one, this is most certainly the case. Before the serpent tempted Eve and forever after became associated with the evil one, she was the consort of healers. She symbolizes, still, the wisdom of medicinal plants and the knowledge of how to use them. Our modern medical symbol, the caduceus, is two snakes intertwined. When this Beloved One sheds the very last of her skin, she will be emerging into a new body, a new health and vitality, a new way of being alive.

We will not see her again, but we will see where she has been, and though the tracks may disappear into the jungle, we will know that her journey goes on and she is healed.

    Finding Contentment

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