imgresToday in yoga class teacher Shelley Adelle had us use the wall to focus on alignment. For the entirety of the class we had a hand or foot or butt on the wall. We did not move swiftly from one pose to the next. Nor did we hold them for very long. Yet, about thirty minutes into the class, Shelley was commenting on how everyone was sweating. “Active muscle creates heat,” she boldly stated.

I think about Trump and his wall. About Pink Floyd and their wall. “All we are is just another brick in the wall.” The Berlin Wall. President Reagan’s command, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” The Fantasticks when the fathers want to tear down the wall at the very end and El Gallo says, “No, you must always leave the wall.”images

I think of the joke about climbing the ladder of success and finally getting to the top rung before discovering it is leaning against the wrong wall.

Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall album, how about that one? And what does it mean anyway, to be “off the wall?” To be a “wallflower?” “Bouncing off the walls?”

In these examples, a wall can be viewed as good or bad. Divider. Protector. Support. Defense. Prison.

Shelley calls the yoga practice we did today, “Love affair with a wall.”imgres-1

In case we missed the metaphor of the wall because we were working so damned hard in class today, Shelley spelled it out for us. In life, we sometimes hit a wall and there is heat and resistance. Everything feels harder. Restricted. Like work. But when we are up against the wall, there is also clarity and the next step becomes obvious.

Maybe we will tear it down. Maybe we will move our ladder and start the long climb up and over. Maybe we will just use it to built muscle, grow stronger and get into better alignment. Maybe we can just sit beside it for a while and feel stuck. Maybe we’ll just walk away from it and go another direction. All of these are potentials.

So next time you feel stuck, look around and notice if you might not have just hit the wall. You could even start up a little love affair with that wall, and when you’re ready, make the next logical move.

Thank you, Mama Shelley.



    Standing at Standing Rock

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    1. 8-10-2016

      Wonderful – just what I needed to hear

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