Susie Ekberg Risher, intuitive and overall-inspirer, gave me the word Audacious for 2017.

There was once a time when I was called audacious in a not-so-good way. The word traumatized me. It implied I was a bad person. Specifically, a bad girl. I took it on because I felt like I had been a bad girl, not behaving as a prim and proper young woman should with her top button done up, quiet and demure.

There are two definitions for “audacious” given in a quick Google search. One is what Susie meant. “Showing a willingness to take surprising bold risks.” The other is what imprinted upon me at a young age. “Showing an impudent lack of respect.”

Can you be audacious without being disrespectful? You can when it comes from a place of love. You can when it comes from a heart wishing to help another.

As I think back to the incident that led to my being so shamed by a disciplinary male, the action that got me in trouble was something I did to help someone else to escape a far worse shaming.

This year, I’m ready to bring out that word from the dark caverns of my shadowy self. It is time to polish the tarnished bits, pull the word on my wrists like Wonder Woman bracelets. WW’s bracelets are shackles she wears voluntarily as a vow to serve humanity from a place of Love and Altruism. Her bracelets protect her from her own confused ego as well as from the enslavement of the world dominated by men. They remind her of her highest and best self.

In a powerful way, girls of all ages are pulling on their own WW bracelets, embracing their audaciousness with love. Like the Strength card in Tarot, we no longer are trying to kill or subdue or even tame our Wild Thing. We are realizing that has never, ever even been possible. I could never be anything but audacious. But now, I have my audaciousness. It does not have me.

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