Daily Card: The Knight of Wands from Llewellyn Tarot.

The teenage rebel. Or the almost 9-month old puppy. He is taller for one thing, meaning he can reach the yummy-to-eat important papers on the desk easier and is constantly surfing table tops looking for trouble. He finds it too!
This willful energy is great if it is working with you. It can be redirected from mischief to miracle. River loves to steal socks. When he comes prancing by with a sock hanging from his mouth, the gleam in his eye, I tell him he’s a good boy now and lead him to the washing machine. He gives the sock up and in the washer it goes. No tug of war. No guarding growls. One day he may be trained enough to keep all our dirty clothes piled in front of the laundry! 

Or, we will just have a lot of socks with holes in them. With the Knight of Wands, you just have to hope for the best. If they don’t come around, they will eventually run out of fuel for all those hot flames. Be patient. 

Today, If you are the knight of wands, this is a good day to get a lot of fun stuff accomplished. Try not to burn down the house. If you are contending with this knight, well, do your best and wear protective clothing.

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