River Dog Tarot Daily Card: Ace of Pentacles Llewelyn Tarot.
I’m hearing that song in my head, “It’s a new day, it’s a new dawn, and I’m feeling good.
When we first adopted River, he bit me as he was guarding a piece of material he’d ripped from one of his toys. That day I decided to really double down and invest in his training and behavior. Sissy, the trainer I hired, talked about how one incident can change how we feel about our furfamily member. She sees it happen all the time. We love our puppy and then fear our dog,  never quite trusting them again. That’s no way to live for 15 years. 

That is not the story I choose for River and for us. I choose a new story. One that says he needs and deserves attention and understanding. He needs and deserves to have other options for feeling in control of his little corner of the world. 

So we recognize his past and what he did and what that said about him. It’s not like I am trying to pretend he didn’t have that issue. The past is really helpful to learn from and to make predictions about the future. In fact, if all the cards in a spread were cards talking about the past, we have a really good shot at predicting the future, and it has nothing to do with being especially psychic or magical. Just common sense. If I kept putting my hand in River’s face, scolding him and demanding what was in his mouth, then scolding him when he bit me and repeating it again and again–there is a good chance he could become a dangerous dog. Good information to have. Now we have a true opportunity to choose differently. Rather than surrendering to the past, feeling defeated, we can use the information from the past to change our tomorrow. To change River’s future.
Today, learn from the past, but don’t live there. It’s a new day. 

    River Dog Tarot February 12, 2018
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