Daily Card: Five of Cups from Fairytale Tarot. 
I do not wish a single moment of River’s puppyhood away, even the relentlessness of his energy and the naughtiness of his more challenging behaviors. Puppyhood is short, as is the lifespan of a dog. River came into our home in the wake of my deep grief for Pip, our papillon–almost 16, who transitioned two weeks before River was born. I thought I could wait a year before getting another dog. I wanted to walk the Camino and travel a bit. It just made me too sad, the being without Pip, without Dobby, our lab who died the year before. Too lonely. 

I had to let those old dogs go. Life was no fun for them here. 

When River, eyes bright, fetches the ball, and barks and runs, it just fills me to full with joy. It reminds me that Pip and Dobby once chased balls and played with relentless energy. 

I am very clear what the price is for loving River. I know he expands my heart, my capacity for love and joy and compassion. And I know that as much as I love him, I will be so heartbroken by him one day. I choose this. I choose to allow my heart to break willingly. 

Today, As much as it hurts, let your love heart expand to bursting.

    River Dog Tarot Valentines Day 2018
    River Dog Tarot February 11, 2018

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