Just as energy can never be destroyed, only changed, so the same can be said of Our Story. This story may be altered by selective memory, but it remains—Our Story. Seeking our stories of our past lives is akin to adding more chapters to the book of Self.

In storytelling there is a term— In medias res—meaning “in the middle of things.” A good storyteller knows that if you want to capture the audience’s attention, begin the story in the middle of the action. In some respects, the life we are living now is like that story-telling technique. Our attention is on the life we are living now, but sometimes it is helpful to understand a little more of the background information.

While I do believe in past lives and reincarnation, experiencing a regression does not definitively “prove” them to me. What the regression experience does do is give a candid glimpse into the way we see our world. What emotion, positive and negative karma lies at the heart of our behaviors and choices?

My interest in past lives comes from infancy lying in my crib and watching what I would describe as a movie projected onto the wall. In this movie I saw myself drowning. My last thoughts were of the knowledge that I would never again be above the water and relaxing and thinking, “This isn’t so bad.”

As a teenager, I began seeking out information about reincarnation in an effort to understand these memories. Years later I was in a conversation with a psychic whom I had hoped would see the scene I have replayed over and over again of drowning. She saw me as a little boy with blonde  hair walking into the water and being swept away. I revealed to her my memory and she asked me a simple question: how has that memory changed my life? I realized that it colored everything from my reaction to feelings of déjà vu to the way I saw the people close to me. I did not feel as though I sought to live in a past so distant that I could escape living in the now, but rather, I sought to understand my Now.

Later, I would be regressed to the life of the little blonde boy and see myself chasing my ball into the water, feel myself getting pulled out deeper and deeper. In that regression, my guide asked me if I was ready to release the pain of that death. She asked, “Are you ready to let the water out of your lungs?” After that session, breathing issues I’d had for twenty years subsided. Understanding the tightness in my breathing was related to old energy and no longer necessary enabled me to release it and let it go.  This is the power of Regression Therapy.

As the world around us evolves and changes, we are feeling a stronger need to let go, but let go of what? We find ourselves repeating mistakes time and again almost helpless to make the necessary changes that could lead to a deeper, more meaningful and conscious life. Experiencing past life regression can open the portholes into our psyche, into our soul and help us to see what it is that needs to be let go of, and consequently, enables us to move forward with our lives.