Become Audacious Women

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Susie Ekberg Risher, intuitive and overall-inspirer, gave me the word Audacious for 2017.   There was once a time when I was called audacious in a not-so-good way. The word traumatized me. It implied I was a bad person. Specifically, a bad girl. I took it on because I felt like I had been a bad girl, not behaving as a prim and proper young woman should with her top button done up, quiet and demure. There are two definitions for “audacious” given in a quick Google search. One is what Susie meant....

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Standing at Standing Rock

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I can only tell my piece, my very small part of  the story of Standing Rock and their stand against DACL (Dakota Access Pipeline). In this story my role has been as Witness. Not that of heroine, or villain, but I recognize the mirror before me and see the reflections of multiple characters. I am DAPL. I am the Morton County Sheriff. I am the Missouri River. I am the Water Protector. I have profited from oil. I have stood in judgment of others. I am made of water. I am a peaceful protector. I have needed...

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The Wall

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Today in yoga class teacher Shelley Adelle had us use the wall to focus on alignment. For the entirety of the class we had a hand or foot or butt on the wall. We did not move swiftly from one pose to the next. Nor did we hold them for very long. Yet, about thirty minutes into the class, Shelley was commenting on how everyone was sweating. “Active muscle creates heat,” she boldly stated. I think about Trump and his wall. About Pink Floyd and their wall. “All we are is just another brick in the wall.” The...

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We moved to Florida three years ago today from Minnesota driving 1,900 miles in three days. In those three day I developed  a pain in my right hip, probably caused by the way I was sitting in the car. The pain has not gone away despite my efforts, including self-hypnosis. Finally, to check off one more box, I went to the orthopedic doctor, and while he didn’t fix anything, he did give me a diagnosis. My SI joint. The SI joint is all about balance and stability. The SI is about our support system, our tribe....

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Snake Lesson

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I appreciate snake energy and all snake has to teach, but I don’t go looking for them. I haven’t seen a snake in nearly a year. When we first moved to Florida,  I saw them often. Yesterday, I did not see snake, but rather, where snake had been. Marks were made in the dirt road, tracks from two snakes. Snake is about transformation, shedding the old skin, the old coat and growing into a new one. There is someone in my life preparing to transition. She’s had a long, well-lived life. Her leaving is not going...

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Finding Contentment

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  Years ago I used self-hypnosis to diagnose a physical problem I was having with my foot. I would go into a quiet, meditative state, and then imagine being able to invite my sore foot into a conversation. “Hello Foot, I am feeling your pain. What is it you want to say to me?” Foot only answered one way. “Slow down.” So I slowed down a little bit, and waited and my pain did not go away. I’d have the conversation again and get the same response. “Slow down.” This went on for two years until I had...

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