Daily Tarot for January 15, 2018

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9 of Wands from Ostara Tarot. Yes, this is River pulling on my sweater. He wants attention, and when he grabs my clothes and jumps up on me, he tends to get it. It’s a battle.   But what’s this? I’m ignoring him while I attempt to take a tarot picture and…he gets bored and goes and lies down?! Hmmm? So all these lost battles, but when I learn enough and stop, I win the war?! What? When I stop, I win?   As I taught in meditation class this morning–all journeys are outward...

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Daily Tarot and River the Rescue Puppy

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I’ve been pulling a daily Tarot card to post on Facebook and Instagram for some time now. Then we adopted River in September, a mix breed puppy, maybe a Cavallon (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Papillon). I featured River in pictures with the daily Tarot card and over the past months, it’s become apparent that River is a great teacher, especially when Tarot is helping to sum up the lessons. It feels like time to start posting the daily draws on my website. So here we go! Today’s Card:...

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Meeting Montgomery Alabama during Hurricane Irma

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We spend our Saturday away from the motel room, TV and reporters in blue jackets standing in the rain predicting doom and the end of Florida by looking for a good bookstore. Siri gives us the NewSouth Bookstore in downtown Montgomery, twenty minutes away. We buy a stack of books. The surrounding businesses are closed for the weekend. The bookseller follows us out and directs us to a coffee shop down the block on Court Square where a bronze fountain stands at its center. Turning back to fill our parking meter,...

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Mountain Phobia

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Mountains. In a past life, I leapt off a cliff. Maybe that’s it? That life was cold, lonely. The moments between leaping and having my chest crushed were the most vital of that life. But then there was the sense of my chest being crushed from the impact… I remembered all of this in a  past life regression–the feeling of my lungs collapsing, my soul springing out and freed, the dawning realization that nothing had been gained in that life but unquenched longing. Like the Devil card in Tarot, I found...

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Become Audacious Women

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Susie Ekberg Risher, intuitive and overall-inspirer, gave me the word Audacious for 2017.   There was once a time when I was called audacious in a not-so-good way. The word traumatized me. It implied I was a bad person. Specifically, a bad girl. I took it on because I felt like I had been a bad girl, not behaving as a prim and proper young woman should with her top button done up, quiet and demure. There are two definitions for “audacious” given in a quick Google search. One is what Susie meant....

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Standing at Standing Rock

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I can only tell my piece, my very small part of  the story of Standing Rock and their stand against DACL (Dakota Access Pipeline). In this story my role has been as Witness. Not that of heroine, or villain, but I recognize the mirror before me and see the reflections of multiple characters. I am DAPL. I am the Morton County Sheriff. I am the Missouri River. I am the Water Protector. I have profited from oil. I have stood in judgment of others. I am made of water. I am a peaceful protector. I have needed...

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