Potential outcomes in a tarot reading

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I’ve been giving time lately to the study of finance and investment and it tickles me to see how what investors or fund managers do is nothing but fortunetelling using math equations. I’d say a good psychic, astrologer or tarot reader has as much of a chance or better of picking winners in the market. And they pay these guys the big bucks. A good money manager will acknowledge this right up front. By the way, so will a good tarot reader. When I give a reading, I generally throw a spread called the Celtic...

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Go Big or Go Home? I don’t think so.

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In my dream, a crone whispered in my ear asking me to show her how I could make a tornado in the sky. Because she expected me to be able to do this, I knew I could. I focused on the sky and a vortex formed, growing, swirling and drawing the dark clouds into the powerful cone. “Is that good enough?” I asked. “No!” she responded. “That’s not a tornado. Make a great, big tornado.” What I’d created so easily disappeared. Defeated by expectation, I could not make a bigger tornado. I could make...

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My Dorothy Dream

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In my dream I stood on a small, high platform above a body of water. On the platform with me were my friend Dorothy and two others. We were all at ease, comfortable on that high place but had decided it was probably time to get down and there wasn’t a lot of room to move. In turning around, Dorothy stepped back off and fell, a long way. Long enough to get hurt, even though she fell into the water. One of the men on the platform laughed as if he already knew she would be just fine. Dorothy is the sort of...

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Contra viento y marea

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Since moving to Florida, I’ve wanted to learn Spanish. So far it has been an epic fail for me. My husband gave me a Spanish page-a-day calendar. For September 29th, the calendar says: Contra viento y marea. It means, “Against all odds.” Curious about this, I wanted to know more about the word “marea”. I know “mar” means “sea,” so how do they get the word “odd” in there? A check with Google translator tells me that “marea” means “tidal wave.” So I take each word in the saying and...

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Think Good Thoughts, Please

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This weekend I had the pleasure of listening to the best of Hay House’s authors. These writers and speakers are doctors, scientists, theologians, and mystics. Delightfully, not only were they all good speakers, but brilliantly funny, too. But there was one thing that bothered me about what at least three of the speakers included in their talks. They made the statement about our perilous times. Many of the speakers including Brian Weiss and Denise Linn and Carolyn Myss also said: Thoughts are things. So, why are...

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When Raccoon Shows Up

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I saw her in my side mirror scampering down the driveway, which means she was hiding underneath the car while I was getting into it. The raccoon stopped in the middle of the street and looked in my direction, then delicately made her way to the tall grass in the lot across the street. She was thin, petite. I’d just watched a video on Facebook of a raccoon who taps a stone on a woman’s patio door when the cat dish on the deck is empty. The woman recording the hungry raccoon tells us that to see raccoons in...

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