Using Past Life Regression and This Life Regression, discover how the power of your own subconscious can help you heal, grow spiritually, and awaken to your own creative nature. Artists, seekers, and those who have felt blocked by old patterns have successfully used Integrated Imagery and Regression Therapy as a transformative tool. Every one of us has positive and negative complexes, patterns of behavior that arise from past experiences. Often these complexes are buried deep within our subconscious, yet they control most of our choices and behaviors.

As a Certified Integrated Imagery Therapist  and a Master Hypnotist I can help to guide you through the discovery process.

•        What blocks you in your writing, painting, or other artistic endeavors?

•        Why do you get so far in a project and then quit?

•        What holds you back from even trying?

•        What repetitive patterns have long frustrated your creative self?

•        What is keeping you from living the life you dream?

•        What is it you are here to do? What is your life purpose?

Integrated Imagery is especially effective in opening up to the inspiration of your great imagination.

As a writer, I’ve used what I have learned from past life memories unlocked through Integrated Imagery to write two novels. In the writing of the novels, I’ve come to understand myself, those I love, and my choices in a whole new way.

Past Life Regression and Integrated Imagery Session:

In an initial session we will establish your goals and set an intention. This session typically lasts between 2-3 hours. I recommend that time is allowed after your session to find a quiet place for journaling and reflection as the experience is fresh and the subconscious is still quite open. Subsequent sessions can be between 1-3 hours. 

Integrated Imagery Therapy For Artists: In my practice I’ve been able to help artists and creative people of all types awaken to a deeper level of understanding of their creative natures, enriching their lives as creative beings. Even if you do not have a specific project in mind and you are not sure what your artistic medium might be, Integrated Imagery can be the spark that lights the fire in your soul, allowing you to become  aware of the nature of your own creative impulses and gifts.

“Integrated Imagery is a transpersonal psychotherapeutic technique that makes use of hypnosis and other modalities to enable clients to access the many dimensions of the unconscious mind. The objective of Integrated Imagery is to uncover and process the antecedents of the negative and positive karmic patterns or complexes. These antecedents are the prior experiences at the root of both the disruptive and enlivening aspects of one’s current life experience.”—John Amoroso

A belief in past lives or reincarnation is not a prerequisite for this type of therapy.
For those of you who wish to pay using a charge card, I offer PayPal. Let me know if there is an amount that differs from here and I will send a PayPal invoice. As always, thank you.

Past Life Regression