Standing at Standing Rock

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I can only tell my piece, my very small part of  the story of Standing Rock and their stand against DACL (Dakota Access Pipeline). In this story my role has been as Witness. Not that of heroine, or villain, but I recognize the mirror before me and see the reflections of multiple characters. I am DAPL. I am the Morton County Sheriff. I am the Missouri River. I am the Water Protector. I have profited from oil. I have stood in judgment of others. I am made of water. I am a peaceful protector. I have needed...

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Snake Lesson

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I appreciate snake energy and all snake has to teach, but I don’t go looking for them. I haven’t seen a snake in nearly a year. When we first moved to Florida,  I saw them often. Yesterday, I did not see snake, but rather, where snake had been. Marks were made in the dirt road, tracks from two snakes. Snake is about transformation, shedding the old skin, the old coat and growing into a new one. There is someone in my life preparing to transition. She’s had a long, well-lived life. Her leaving is not going...

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Go Big or Go Home? I don’t think so.

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In my dream, a crone whispered in my ear asking me to show her how I could make a tornado in the sky. Because she expected me to be able to do this, I knew I could. I focused on the sky and a vortex formed, growing, swirling and drawing the dark clouds into the powerful cone. “Is that good enough?” I asked. “No!” she responded. “That’s not a tornado. Make a great, big tornado.” What I’d created so easily disappeared. Defeated by expectation, I could not make a bigger tornado. I could make...

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Intro to Tarot

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  Yoga Pagoda- The Lofts in Vero Beach, Florida December 12, 1-4pm Cost$40 includes handouts. Space is limited to 6 participants WHAT YOU WILL GET This is a Beginning Tarot Class designed to teach you to read any deck of tarot cards. We will cover various aspects of the cards including symbolism, the heroic journey, layouts and reading intuitively. We will also discuss the spiritual nature of tarot and the ethics of reading for others. WHAT YOU NEED No experience is necessary. I will have extra decks on hand,...

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My Dorothy Dream

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In my dream I stood on a small, high platform above a body of water. On the platform with me were my friend Dorothy and two others. We were all at ease, comfortable on that high place but had decided it was probably time to get down and there wasn’t a lot of room to move. In turning around, Dorothy stepped back off and fell, a long way. Long enough to get hurt, even though she fell into the water. One of the men on the platform laughed as if he already knew she would be just fine. Dorothy is the sort of...

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