Flying Dream

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I had a wonderful flying dream last night,  full of symbols and details. I spent time this morning writing it all down and then applying the interpretation techniques I learned from Henry Reed while working on my masters degree at Atlantic University and I now teach in my dream classes. The first part of the dream should have been upsetting to me. In the beginning, I was a Russian agent on an assassination mission. I was the killer. Not long ago I was asked what it meant to kill a person in your dream. The...

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Green Man

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Keith and I were riding bike the other day down the Historic Jungle Trail here on Orchid Island. The shaded gravel road gave us the perfect place to chat about our deaths and what sort of final resting place we each desired for our bodies; an important conversation to have from time to time. I mentioned to Keith that I’d seen something about a green urn that mixed your ashes with a seed of a tree for planting. “I don’t think I’d want my body stuck in one place, in a tree,” Keith said.  He is a North...

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In one of my own regressions I froze to death. This is the regression that I’m basing my tragic Russian epic novel upon, full of drama and suffering. Dostoyevsky would be proud. Over the course of two years, I regressed to my Russian life with a past life regression guide five different times. Each journey added details and depth to the story. Of all the past lives I’ve journeyed to, and I’ve counted around 30, this was the only one where details emerged that I did not consciously know, but was able to...

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The Big Lebowski came out in 1998; I saw it for the first time last week and think that if I’d seen it back in the day, I would not have gotten as much out of it. I was meant to watch it now. A key line in the movie has taken hold of me: “The Dude abides.” I know what it means, but wanted to know what it really means. Growing up Lutheran we were each issued little orange books, The Small Catechism by Martin Luther for confirmation class. Inside was written each of the Ten Commandments followed by the words,...

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New! Past Live Regression via Skype

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I feel tremendous responsibility to know as much as I can know about hypnotherapy and to do as much as I can do for those who entrust me to guide them through a past life regression. Taking anyone to a place of deep emotion is nothing to take lightly and it is important to know what to do for someone who may uncover a memory with the potential to lead to a crisis situation. For this reason, I have resisted doing past life regressions using the phone or the internet/Skype.     A client from Minnesota...

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