I am in AWE of the messages and support you were able to help me with! Especially the phenomenal experience with the vulture, snake and crow!! My husband was amazed too!!–Lisa D. , Raleigh, NC

I am becoming aware of receiving gifts. The key is in the appreciation, and in the gifting out. You model gifting encouragement so well. Yet, honestly. You offer the blossoms, and if thorns are on the stem, you do not pretend they aren’t there. –Edy A.

Thank you so much for your time and talents!! I felt so good after we spoke. Had some tears as I looked back over everything and finding a sense of adventure fills my soul much more than any bit of fear. I’ll be scheduling again soon. Thank you so much.—Jeanne D.

Cynthia, I am eternally grateful for the gifts you gave my soul in our session. I felt the presence of the divine with us that day, and within you. Your peaceful voice guided me into deeper clarity of understanding my authentic truth. I felt empowered, I let go of perceptions, old belief patterns and fears that weren’t of my highest good. You held a healing space for me, I felt sacred, and safe in your energy. The lessons that unfolded for me where life changing… I am truly amazed at the gifts you have, it was one of the most powerful healing sessions I have ever experienced. It was an honor to journey with you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… I look forward to my next experience, and to hear of others that I refer your way… you are changing lifes…WOW!
With love, Karissa Brusseau Fargo ND

“My session with Cindie was truly life-changing. Yes, I am fully aware of how almost trite and over-worked that can sound…but I can assure you – IT WaS! The insights that came forward during my session allowed me to to put to rest many “things” that had hovered along my consciousness, kinda bugging me throughout my life. It also allowed me to delve into my roots and see where I came from and to let me know that I am not supposed to KNOW where I am going. The journey IS the answer.” ~ Kathy Dannel Vitcak, CSC, CPLC Pinewood, MN

Cindie Ekren is truly a gift to our community. Her gifts as a hynotherapist and her work with integrated imagery have helped me take my work to a whole new level. When I am experiencing a creative block or a low in my ability to produce, the first thing I do is give Cindie a call. It doesn’t take long to get my “groove” back after working with her. Thank you Cindie, I am so grateful that you share your talents with me.
Sandy, Akeley, MN

I went to Cynthia Ekren for hypnotherapy to help in the areas of weight loss and anxiety. In both cases she made a personalized CD for me to listen to whenever I needed it. One CD helps keep me on the right path toward healthy eating and lifestyle. I listen to the other whenever I get anxious and need to de-stress. Cynthia impressed me with her skill and knowledge of hypnotherapy. The experience of hypnosis with Cynthia would benefit anyone dealing with weight or anxiety issues like me. Cindie is the bomb!
Marsha, Nevis, MN

Cynthia provides a safe place for exploring the parts of yourself that are your greatest teachers. Feeling such safety I was able in my session to explore parts of myself that have been unsettling and mysterious. I learned about myself in a way that was freeing and encouraging, opening me to new dimensions within myself. I feel I have a deeper understanding of who I am and my mission in life. Thank you Cynthia!
Jeanne–Park Rapids, MN

I wanted to thank you so much for such a great tarot reading a few weeks ago !!! It hit home..and explained so much to me about my life and purpose!! This reading helped me sum up my life..and finally clarify what had happened, why and what I need to move on to a better place in my life !!! Great therapy… I now understand my life and why I am where I am today. Thank you !!  You are amazing !–Jean A., New York

I had the BEST Tarot Card reading from Cynthia Ekren today! And it’s not just because she drew great cards for me, it was how she put it all together and it made perfect sense!! I should say, it was my first professional reading, so all others will have to live up to her high standard!–Cheryl G., Park Rapids, MN

Thank you for an amazing journey! I am filled with peace and contentment.  –Lena S., Osage, MN


I just wanted to send you a great big thank you for yesterday’s tarot session. I’m pretty sure I smiled the entire drive home, plus some! 🙂 Thank you for being you!–Jessica M., Bemidji, MN